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What are Skin Uploads?

Uploading only available on PC

Uploading Car Skins to the Skin Upload activity can only be done on the PC version of Trackmania.

The Skin Uploads activity can be used to share custom skins with either the public or members of the club.

Create a skin uploads activity

Note: You will not be able to add skins yet when creating a skin uploads activity, to do this you have to interact with the activity on the club page after it is created.

To create a Skin Uploads activity the only thing that is required is a name for the activity, optionally you can also choose to add an image to the activity.

Create Skin Uploads Image

The '+' button is used to select an image for the activity, the name can be entered in the textbox. After choosing a name and an optional image you can punlish the activity to the club by selecting the "Create" Button.

Uploading skins

To add skins to the Skin Uploads activity simply select it from the homepage of the club and select the "Upload Skin" button. From here you can choose skins to upload located in Documents\Trackmania\Skins\Models\CarSport

Author: Henkisme