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ModWork is an easy and fast way to see your mod locally as you work. Its biggest pro is that you don't have to restart your game every time you change one of your textures. Just save the texture and alt-tab back into the game for instant updates!

  1. Go to C:\Users\you\Documents\Trackmania\Skins\Stadium\ and create a folder called ModWork. In this folder create another folder called Image.
  2. Any textures you want to mod now go into Trackmania\Skins\Stadium\ModWork\Image. Make sure you add the textures you want to edit to ModWork\Image before editing them.
  3. Open the game and start editing the textures. If you want to add textures to the folder later you'll need to reload the map.

The game checks (only) on map load what files are in ModWork and it checks the .dds compression if you use .dds files.

Note: If you add new image files to the ModWork folder or you change the .dds compression of an image, you need to reload the map.