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Differences between the accesses

Trackmania (2020) has several levels of access, each associated with a different subscription - see the details below for a general overview.

For a detailed list of all features sorted by the access level that unlocks them, see the official chart.

About expired subscriptions

All content that you pay for will still be available after your subscription runs out (that includes all the campaign and TOTD tracks during your subscription).

If you already own Standard access and want to buy Club access on top, your remaining Standard time will be converted into Club by a ratio of 3:1 and stacked on top. So if you have a year of Standard remaining, that will get you 4 months of Club on top of your Club access purchase.

Starter Access

This is the free version of the game.

It's suited for players that want to get to know Trackmania, play the official campaigns, enjoy some casual competition, or would like to create their first maps.

It gives you access to: - the Training and current Seasonal campaigns - the rotating Arcade server, - the Ranked and Royal game modes - the full map editor

No access to other custom maps, public servers, in-game chat, custom skins, leaderboard ghosts or club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms).

Standard Access

This subscription costs 10€/year or your regional equivalent.

It's well-suited for most players that want to experience the full range of maps and online rooms, or would like to compete at a higher level.

It gives you additional access to:

  • playing custom maps
  • playing current as well as previous Tracks of the Day and official campaigns
  • public servers
  • in-game chat

No access to custom skins, leaderboard ghosts or club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms).

Club Access

This subscription costs 30€/year or your regional equivalent. It can also be purchased for three years, which costs 60€ or your regional equivalent.

It's targeted towards committed players that want to create content in-game, express themselves with custom skins, or compete with the best.

It gives you full access to the game, including:

  • custom skins
  • leaderboard ghosts
  • participation in Trackmania World Tour events
  • all club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms, organizing events, creating your own campaigns, uploading skins, and much more)

Author: tooInfinite