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Create and manage an activity

Club permissions

In order to create and manage activities for a club you must either have the Creator, Admin or Content Creator role for that club.

Creating an activity

To create an activity in the club you need to press the '+' button to the right of "Club Activities".

Create Activity Button Image

After pressing the '+' button you will be presented with the following list of activities you can add to the club:

Managing activities

To manage activities you first need to enter the Administration menu for the club by selecting the button shown in the image below.

Admin Mode Button Image

This will present you with two tabs. One contains the active activities of the club and the other one contains deactivated activities. Selecting one of the activities will show you a menu with the following options:

  • Move
    Allows you to rearrange the order of the activities.
  • Feature/Unfeature
    Marks the activity with a '★' symbol to highlight a specific activity. (Note: Only one activity can be featured at a time.)
  • Edit
    Allows you to change the content of the selected activity.
  • Set Private/Public
    Allows you to open the activity up to the public or limit the access to the members of the club.
  • Activate/Deactivate
    Activities can be deactivated so they will not show up in the club page anymore and reactivated to make them show again.
  • Remove
    Removes an activity from the club permanently.

Author: Henkisme