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How to report a player

All Trackmania players have to follow the official Trackmania Code of Conduct.

When encountering players in the game that you want to report for their in-game behavior or for cheating, you can do one of the following:

  • Report them in-game.
  • Report them via the official Trackmania website.
  • Report them through the relevant Ubisoft support form.

See the sections below for detailed instructions.

All submitted cases will be referred to the people in charge at Nadeo - keep in mind however that you will not receive details as to which actions were taken, if any. Please use these official channels only and do not use social media, DMs, the official TM Discord or any other place to report someone.

In-game reports

In-game, visit the player's profile (e.g. by clicking their name in a room's leaderboard and selecting their profile) and find the Report button on that screen.

Then just follow the on-screen instructions to send your report.

Reporting records

You can also report a player's record in-game (for example if it was cheated or is otherwise invalid).

Open the pause menu and select View records - you now have additional options when going through the leaderboard records on the left side of the screen. Having the record in question highlighted and pressing the mentioned button to get to the player's profile will give an additional Record option when using the Report button on the profile.

Trackmania website

Visit the official Trackmania website, log in and find the offending player. If you're having trouble with that, you can search for them on first and use the button on there to get to the right place.

On that page, find the Report button - it might be hidden in a dropdown menu. Follow the instructions there to send your report.

Note that using this website, you can also report individual maps and/or clubs - just find their page and click the Report button.

Ubisoft support

Head over to the official Ubisoft Support website. Make sure you're logged in, otherwise the site won't let you submit a report.

  • Game: Trackmania
  • Platform: Your platform of choice
  • Category: Player Reports, Bans, and Sanctions
  • Sub-Category: Learn the Rules/Report a player

Using these settings, you'll also be able to attach screenshots and other files using the Attach documents option. Note that selecting Report a player will initiate a live chat with a support agent, while Learn the Rules just requires you to send a report.

Author: tooInfinite