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How to make a waypoint item

You can make items which will be considered by the game as "waypoints": a start line, a checkpoint, a finish line or a multi-lap start-finish line.

  1. First you must add the Waypoint tag in the .Item.xml file, with the correct Type attribute ("Start", "Checkpoint", "Finish", "StartFinish"). See section How to create the Item xml file for more information.

  2. Wether your item is a "Start", "Checkpoint", "Finish" or "StartFinish" waypoint, the .fbx file must contain exactly one object called _socket_start. The location of this object is all that matters (its faces are ignored): it will determine the position of the car when we spawn or respawn on this waypoint.

  3. If your item is a "Checkpoint", "Finish" or "StartFinish" waypoint, then the .fbx file must contain at least one object with prefix _trigger_. These objects will not be visible but the game will detect when the car goes through its faces and trigger the checkpoint / finish event when it happens.