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Crossplay and Cross-progression

Trackmania (2020) is available on multiple different platforms, all of which can play with each other.

This is achieved via your Ubisoft account, which you need to use to log in on all platforms.


By default, you can encounter players from all other platforms on map leaderboards, servers and game modes (unless the specific platform does not support a given feature in general - e.g. dedicated servers on consoles).

That means map and campaign leaderboards are generally not separated by platform and are instead global.

If you'd like to disable that, you can uncheck the Cross Platform Play setting in the System settings menu.


It's possible to play Trackmania (2020) on different platforms using the same Ubisoft account - by doing that, you keep most of your account's progression in sync and don't have to start from scratch.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of things that are covered by Trackmania's cross-progression:

  • trophies and account statistics
  • uploaded map records
  • uploaded maps
  • favorited maps
  • club memberships
  • your selected custom skin, club tag and pinned club

Some features of the game are however restricted to the platform they're being used on:

  • locally saved (but not uploaded) maps
  • locally saved (but not uploaded) skins
  • replay files

Author: tooInfinite