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What is Map Review?

Paid access required

This feature requires an active Standard Access or Club Access subscription.

Map review is a feature in Trackmania that allows players to play and review maps that have been created by other players, as well as submit their own maps for review and feedback.

Map review is a valuable area for mappers to receive feedback and achieve a better understanding of how to improve as a mapper. In order to join map review and play other maps that were created by fellow community members follow these instructions below:

Upon launching the game and loading into the main menu, you will see several options to select from. In order to locate the map review server, first select the CREATE button.


After selecting CREATE, you will now see 4 options. Please select the option labeled TRACK REVIEW.

Track Review

From here you will see a different set of 4 options. Please select the option labeled REVIEW OTHER TRACKS.

Review Other Tracks

Lastly, you will have the option choose from either the TRACK OF THE DAY or ROYAL servers.


The aim of these servers is to provide an honest rating of the maps displayed on their functionality in Cup of the Day or Super Royal features of Trackmania and/or offer advice to mappers in order to help improve a map's quality overall.

Author: XLRB