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Server commands

Below is a list of commands that are useful for general administration. Of course, you can always type /help in the server chat to see a list of all the commands available to you.

Contents of the /help command in match server


The list below is incomplete. Use /help in a match server to see all the available commands.

Match commands

  • /matchstart - Reset the track playlist and start the match.
  • /matchlightstart - Start the match in the current state.
  • /matchstatus - View the current match status.
  • /matchcancel - Cancel the ongoing match.
  • /forceplayers - Force everyone in the server as a player.

Pick & Ban commands

  • /pickban - Start the pick & ban phase.
  • /pickbanorder [order] - Force a specific pick/ban order on a match server. (e.g. /pickbanorder b:0,b:1,p:0,p:1)

Administrative commands

  • /help - Shows a list of all commands. Use /help [commandname] (e.g. /help setmatchpoints) to read a usage guide on the requested command.
  • /pause - Skips any ongoing round and activates the pause procedure.
  • /unpause - Resumes the match.
  • /forceendround - Ends the ongoing round.
  • /forceendwarmup - Ends the ongound warmup.
  • /listmaps - Lists the maps played in the current match.
  • /forcespectator [username] - Forces a server member as a spectator.
  • /forceplayer [username] - Forces a server member as a player.