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What are the arcade channels?

Arcade channels, also known as arcade rooms, are online multiplayer servers that can feature a variety of game modes and user-generated tracks. The most common game mode you'll see played on the channels is "Time Attack", a mode where the goal is to set the best time possible within a given timeframe. You can find a curated list of arcade channels by navigating as follows from the main menu: Play -> Live -> Arcade

Experience a taste of the Arcade with Starter Access

Starter Access players have limited access to the Arcade. They can either play on the Seasonal Campaign room or they can try their hands at the ever-changing Arcade Program, located in the top right in the Arcade menu. There, several different arcade programs are scheduled one hour at a time, ensuring variety and different styles of tracks. An example of the Arcade Program schedule

Explore the vast variety of the Arcade

Paid access required

This feature requires an active or expired Standard Access or Club Access subscription.

The Arcade is a great place to find like-minded individuals playing their favorite style of tracks. Whether you want to hunt daunting RPG tracks, just want to race across a Fullspeed track at 800+ speed or want to push Trackmania's physics to the limit with whacky LOL tracks, there truly is a Arcade room for everything. What are you waiting for? Go dive in!

Hosting your own Arcade room

Paid access required

This feature requires an active Club Access subscription.

If you want to host your own Arcade room, we have prepared a guide here.

Author: Chris92