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Submit your map to map review

Map Review allows you to gather feedback for your tracks from other players.

Submit via the menu

In order to submit your map to be reviewed, you must navigate from the main menu to CREATE, then TRACK REVIEW, and finally SUBMIT YOUR TRACKS. Once selecting SUBMIT YOUR TRACKS, you will be able to select a map of your choice to be submitted to either TRACK OF THE DAY or ROYAL. A more specific description on how to submit tracks can be found in the "Map Review Section" under Navigating the menus.

Once choosing a map, you will then be given an estimated maximum waiting time, and which game mode you have selected to submit the map to.

You can then press the SEND FOR REVIEW button, which will insert your map into the map review server, where other players can test/play your map, and ultimately give a 1-5 star review.

Submit via the Track Editor

After successful validation of your map and calculation of the shadows, you have the option to submit the track to Map review via the LIVE TEST popup option you get after saving the map.

Author: vikingjoe