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What is a Track Of The Day?

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Track of the Day, explained

Track Of The Day is a daily showcase of community created maps, curated by Ubisoft Nadeo. A new Track Of The Day releases every day at 19:00 CE(S)T.

They're meant to highlight the following:

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Creative routes
  • Unique, standout features in the map
  • Community projects and events

The Track of the Day features various different track styles and it is being featured in the daily Knockout tournament called Cup Of The Day. Each Track Of The Day also features a brand new records leaderboard where players have 24 hours to set the best time and be crowned the Track Of The Day winner.

How to get your map selected as Track of the Day

Map authors that want to have a chance at getting their map featured as Track Of The Day should make sure that their route is fully respawnable from every checkpoint, that the map doesn't feature unnecessarily difficult speed checks or other sections that might be too hard for Beginner and Intermediate players to complete consistently.Feedback from Tona: Track must be easy to understand for Beginner and Intermediate players with good sigage too

You can find the current Track Of The Day here.

Trophy rewards

When the leaderboard for a Track of the Day closes, you will earn Trophy points based on your final placement. Refer to the table below to see how many trophies you will earn.

Campaign Rank Trophies Value
Top 1 1x Trophy 7 1,000,000
Top 2 6x Trophy 6 600,000
Top 3 4x Trophy 6 400,000
Top 10 3x Trophy 6 300,000
Top 100 1x Trophy 6 100,000
Top 1000 1x Trophy 5 10,000

Author: Chris92