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What is the Ranked 3v3 gamemode?

Trackmania offers a skill-based Ranked matchmaking mode open to all players. Matches are played in a tweaked version of the Teams gamemode, with a points limit of 5. You can either queue solo or with up to two other players. Feedback from Tona: You can tell that voicechat is possible with your team mates

The Ranked 3v3 gamemode explained

When you queue up for a Ranked 3v3 match, you will be matched with and against players from similar matchmaking ranks. After a 30 second warmup period once all players are connected, the match will start. Every player starts at the same time and earns points for their team based on the position they finish. The team who gets the most points wins the round. The scoring works as follows:

Position Points
1st 6 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 4 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
6th 1 point
DNF 0 points

The minimum amount of points a team needs to win the round, should all players finish, is 11 points.

In case a player disconnects from the match, the scoring changes a bit. Only the best two players from each team score points and in case of a draw in points, the team with the best time in the round wins.

Ranked map pool

Ranked 3v3 Matchmaking in Trackmania is played on the current Seasonal Campaign maps.

The map for your match will be randomly chosen out of the map pool based on the skill bracket of the lowest ranked player in the match.

The current map pool distribution is as follows:

Skill bracket Map pool
Bronze Maps 1 - 10
Silver Maps 1 - 15
Gold Maps 1 - 20
Master Maps 1 - 25

Matchmaking rating

Once a team has won 5 rounds, the match ends and players will earn or lose rating points depending on the amount of points they earned for their team and whether their team won or lost.

In a regular match, where both teams are of equal skill, the point distribution is as follows:

Winning Team position Points gained Losing Team position Points lost
1st +40 1st -20
2nd +30 2nd -30
3rd +20 3rd -40

The player who scored the most points in the entire match, no matter whether they are on the winning or losing side, is the Match MVP and earns bonus rating points. The amount of bonus MVP points depends on the skill bracket the player is in and how evenly skilled the teams are. The values below assume evenly matched teams:

Skill bracket MVP bonus points
Bronze +80
Silver and above +40

At the end of a matchmaking season (which runs in parallel to the campaign seasons), matchmaking ranks and ratings will be soft-reset to prevent the ratings at the top from becoming stale. See below for an example of how ranks might be adjusted.

Actual formula required

This section is not quite correct yet, the adjustments were less severe in the most recent Winter 2023 -> Spring 2023 transition.

Trackmaster + Master 3 -> 1600 points Master 2 -> 1300 points Master 1 -> 1150 points Gold 3 -> 1000 points Gold 2 -> 800 points Gold 1 -> 600 points Silver 3 -> 450 points Silver 2 -> 300 points Silver 1 + Bronze 3 & 2 -> 150 points Bronze 1 -> 0 points 3 months inactivity -> 0 points

Author: Chris92